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Database problems
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Photoshop editing
Clean up after hack

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Just Contact me, usually I can help fast and uncomplicated.

My name is Kai, I am from Germany and I work with WordPress for about 10 years now.

Working mainly on SEO and administration for WordPress projects and affiliate marketing.

If you think I can be helpful in your project let me know what I can do for you.

Current projects

Hasnpfeffer.de Podcast functions
Newhealthyfamily.com Help with Plugins, Frontend, Backend & CSS
Auslandspraktikum.de Help with filters, Elementor functions, CSS

Clean.de SEO, newsletter, posts, development, css
Die-Frau-am-Grill.de SEO, newsletter, popup, CSS help, development
Jb-Motors.de SEO, CSS fixes, help with backend
Pbshomes.de SEO, landing pages
Kathrinwodrich.com Design, development, CSS, forms, help
Dentop.digital Development, help, CSS